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Linkages – Anti-Semitism in a Pluralistic Society

A multi regional model-project

Anti-Semitism, widely spread across our society, is one of its defining features; so too racism. Though phenomena share common features and many links with history and current affairs, there are also significant differences.

These two ideologies of inequality manifest themselves in many different forms. Individual biographical experiences of them are as diverse as our society. Any educational process that critiques both anti-Semitism and racism therefore has to take into account their different manifestations, connections, and their links to social hierarchy and milieu.

How can we design an educational approach that takes the diverse forms of access into account, yet avoids reproducing group stereotypes? And how can connected memories lead to inclusion and participation whilst preventing anti-Semitism and racism being played out against each other?

The organisation “BildungsBausteine e.V.” created the model-project “Linkages” in order to find answers to these exiting questions important for our future.

The project

Between 2015 and 2019 “BildungsBausteine e.V” will collaborate with schools of various types, except gymnasiums, in the German federal states of Brandenburg and Nordrhein-Westfalen. Together we will develop new educational concepts, methods and materials to deal with the field described above.

Pupils of 9th and 10th grade will have several days of project work about anti-Semitism and racism. They will produce short films that can be shown in school as well as on the Internet. Those who are especially interested will have the opportunity to participate in meetings with young people from both federal states involved to further broaden their perspectives on the topics.

We support schools in their sustainable commitment against anti-Semitism and racism. The initiatives developed in the framework of this project are coordinated and linked up with activities of local and regional partners who hold long-term collaborations with the schools. We accompany teachers and school counsellors until they can use the new methods independently.

The results of the project will be provided as pedagogic manuals and will also be available for symposiums and further trainings of other multiplicators.


  • Providing opportunities for a critical and self-reflective discussion of anti-Semitism and racism between adolescents as well as educational experts
  • Developing options and alternatives for active involvement
  • Designing new pedagogic concepts, methods and materials for a multiperspectival debate of the field
  • Supporting the schools involved in their long-term commitment against anti-Semitism and Racism
  • Educating teachers and other multiplicators on the topic as well as on methods

Methodical approach

During project days we focus on the interests and needs of the participants. We work with an emphasis on social environment in a diversity-sensitive way, using dialogue and a variety of creative methods.

Organization in Charge

The association BildungsBausteine e.V. offers workshops, project-days, seminars and professional development on the topics of anti-Semitism, racism and other ideologies of inequality.

We develop innovative concepts, methods and materials. We facilitate projects and organize educational and expert events for different target groups.

Our multidisciplinary and diverse team has longstanding experience in extra-curricula political education.


The model-project “Linkages” is funded by:

It is organized in cooperation with the Agency for Civic Education of Nordrhein-Westfalen.